Business Wellbeing

The Importance of Taking a Break

We all know what it’s like…if we’ve got an office day, we’ll sit at our desks in the morning and before you know it, it’s 4pm and you literally haven’t stopped for lunch OR we’ve grabbed something and then eaten it at our desk.

This was definitely the case for me when I worked in my last job.  I would often be seen running from meeting room to meeting room armed with my laptop, my notebook and a cup.  There was never time for a break – if I was lucky, I could nip to the loo between meetings.

Now we’ve got Boatman Admin Services up and running alongside Boatman Financial, we make sure we stop for lunch every…single…day.  We’ve got 2 dogs so that means we HAVE to stop to take them for a walk – for the benefit of both them and us.

Move More

Sitting at a desk all day every day can play havoc with your posture.  If you can’t get up and have a regular break through the day ensure you take at least 30 minutes at lunch time.  Take a walk around the block or walk to the shop to grab some lunch or a coffee.  Your body and brain will thank you later for the exercise!

Fresh Air

In the winter, we find that we go to work in the dark and come home in the dark.  If you work throughout the day, you may never see the light of day!  We need to make sure we keep up our levels of Vitamin D in the winter as it’s much harder to do in the summer.  A lack of Vitamin D will affect your mood.

Boost your Brain

If you take some time away from your work you’ll give your brain a chance to recharge itself.  If you’ve had a tricky piece of work that you’ve been working on, taking a break will give the fog a chance to lift and hopefully when you return to it, it won’t seem such a big piece.

Release the Stress

This links the points above – stepping away from the desk and office and stepping into the fresh air and taking a walk you will instantly feel less stressed.  Being less stressed will allow you to think about things that have been playing on your mind much clearer and be more rationale.

Taking into account all of the above, you should find your afternoon is much more refreshed, focused, and in a better frame of mind to tackle your workload.

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