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Why it’s Important to Celebrate the Small Stuff

It’s great running your own business – you manage your own diary, you decide the hours you want to work; if you want a cheeky midweek day off you can.  You answer to nobody but yourself.  BUT…

If you work on your own however, it can be a lonely time.  Some days you might not talk to anyone (or maybe just the dog / cat / fish).  You might work alone and when you do achieve something, there’s nobody to turn around to and say ‘hey, we’ve achieved XYZ!!’.

What we’ve realised since setting up Boatman Admin Services is that it’s super important to stop, take a minute and celebrate!  It doesn’t matter how big or how small that milestone is, you’ve got no other manager or colleague to share that success.  You’ve got to become your own cheerleader.  It doesn’t matter how big or how small, celebrating the wins means that you can keep the motivation and enthusiasm up in your business.  Most people will only celebrate when they’ve achieved that big target or milestone. 

People need positive feedback — especially when we’re starting something new.  It gives a sense of achievement

apple product with cake and coffee
Celebrate the small stuff

It might be that you have a big goal that you’re working towards but by breaking it down into smaller bite size pieces, you’ll have more things to celebrate.  These smaller goals will lead to the bigger goals.

It might be that you’ve finally got that hideous task done that you’ve been putting to the bottom of your pile – celebrate it!

You might have signed a new client – celebrate it!

You might have got that spreadsheet working with all formula’s doing their thing correctly – celebrate it!

So what are you going to focus on to get your next celebration in?  How might you celebate?!

beers at sunset
Celebrate with a beer!

Do it regularly, do it often, and make sure that you are celebrating the wins in your business.

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