2022 Look Back Post

Here we are writing another look back post!

Our word of the year was Build.  I think it’s fair to say we’ve built the business in lots of different ways…and Emma has built her confidence.

Building…the awards cabinet

We didn’t think we’d be including awards in this year’s roundup!

After a much delayed event, in March 2022, we were delighted to find out that Emma was announced as Runner Up, England VA of the Year 2021.  Yes…that’s the WHOLE of England!

Emma was nominated for the West Country Women Awards in the Best Supporting Act category.

Emma was also shortlisted as Female Entrepreneur of the Year in the South West awards.


This was quite a pivotal moment!  Emma was asked to speak at a conference in March 2022 in front of 75 people.  Being an introvert, this was something of a ‘big deal’.  After signing up to Sarah Archer’s Speaking Club, Emma felt confident and relaxed in doing the talk!

Emma also gave a MasterClass in the business mentoring group that she is in on how to work with associates in November – again, something completely out of her comfort zone.

Now, Emma won’t feel quite so worried about doing public speaking as she knows she is more than capable…but does need to learn the art of slowing down!!!

Building…the Team

We expanded the team again this year and now have 7 associates working with us.

We have:

Chris – doing all things Lead Generation with LinkedIn

Catherine – guarding the bookkeeping

Charlotte – specialising in all things ‘tech’

Laura – doing general admin

Rhianne – doing general admin (& is a whiz at spreadsheets!)

Lisa – our go to Social Media Manager

Natalie – our Etsy specialist

Rachel – our newest associate who is doing general admin

This has meant that we’re able to support MORE clients and offer MORE services.


We worked hard this year in the background to launch additional products to the ActiVAte team that have gone down a storm.

These bring together her 7 years of knowledge of being a Virtual Assistant into a one stop shop for aspiring VA’s who were perhaps overwhelmed with where to start or those that had been in business for 6-12 months who were just looking to ActiVAte their businesses a little more.

Products include:

ActiVAte coaching call

ActiVAte resource pack

ActiVAte ultimate tracker

ActiVAte email templates

ActiVAte your business – the checklist for VA’s

There really is something for everyone!

Building…our client base

We continued to work with our amazing loyal clients this year and welcomed many new clients from different business sectors.  We now support around 15-20 different clients – some on a daily basis, some on a monthly basis and some on a quarterly basis.  Our passion for helping our clients achieve more has been welcomed by everyone.

We’ve got an incredible team of associates behind us so we’re able to offer MORE services to our clients and help MORE clients.

When it was ‘just’ Emma, there were only so many hours in the day and as a Virtual Assistant, you exchange time for money.  When we were at full capacity, we introduced our first associate, Catherine…and now we’re a team of 8 who all bring something different to the table from bookkeeping, project management, web updates and more traditional admin.

On a personal front, Emma & John have been running a 3rd business where we focus on helping people build a secondary income whilst saving money on their day to day bills.

We’ve been able to feed our travel bug with trips to Ibiza, Tenerife and Vegas…with 4 more trips planned in 2023!

WHAT A LIST!  Thank you to everyone who has supported us not only in 2022 but throughout the lifetime of the business!

Here’s to an incredible 2023!!