2023 Look Back Post

And just like that, here we are writing our 2023 Look Back post. How is that even possible?!

Our word of the year was Explore. We wanted to look into lots of different ‘things’ this year and this felt like the natural choice.⁠ ⁠

🔎 Explore the world (of course…and seems the obvious one!)⁠
🔎 Explore different hobbies⁠
🔎 Explore working from different locations⁠
🔎 Explore new work opportunities⁠
🔎 Explore life!⁠

Exploring…the team

We continued to grow the team this year. We said goodbye to some associates but also welcomed some new faces to help support our clients. We now offer social media, Etsy support, bookkeeping, website updates, systems updates – the list goes on.

One of our goals for the year was to get the associates together to say Thank You for all their work. Getting everyone in one place proved difficult so we had 2 afternoon tea sessions which were great fun! Who doesn’t like a bit of tea and cake in the afternoon?!

Exploring…our services

This year we launched a new service – our Online Business Management service. We have worked with 2 great clients in this area and those projects have now come to an end meaning we’re able to take on another client or 2 in 2024.

We’ve also continued with our ActiVAte mentoring sessions for new and upcoming VA’s. It’s been amazing to help so many VA’s start their journey and see them progress along the way.

Exploring…new opportunities

This year Emma was asked to speak at Bath University for their Short Course program on lessons she’d learnt as a self employed business owner. Long time followers will know how far out of Emma’s comfort zone this was!

Emma also attended her first retreat this year and absolutely loved it – so much so that she has already booked for 2024! It was great to spend a weekend away from everything and focus on herself which is not something she does easily.

Emma also met up with her business coach, Jools and the fellow members of the WingWoman Collective which again, was great to be with fellow business owners and discussing the highs and lows of running businesses.

Emma & John also travelled to Turkey to be at a their first world conference for one of the other businesses we run. It was a great experience and something we’ll remember for a long time.

Exploring… charities

This year we started to support a little girl called Abigail through the charity called Compassion. We pay for her educational and medicinal needs. It’s amazing to be able to be in a position to support someone else start their journey.

Emma also started fundraising for her nephew Idris and to date raised nearly £25,000 plus several pieces of specialist equipment that he needs. Thank you to everyone that has supported this, it really does mean so much.

Exploring… the world

We have been incredibly fortunate this year to have explored the world more than ever. We had 3 trips that were delayed from Covid that all fell this year (in true girl math logic, these were essentially free as we paid for them so long ago!)

We went to the Maldives, Amsterdam, Mauritius and Benidorm plus various short breaks across the UK.

WHAT A LIST! Thank you to everyone who has supported us not only in 2023 but throughout the lifetime of the business!

Here’s to an incredible 2024!!