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How to find the right Virtual Assistant for your business. 

So, you’ve decided to hire a virtual assistant? First of all, hurrah! It’s brilliant that you’ve made this first step. Running the show in every area of your business can seem like the right thing to do at first, especially if budget is a concern, but there comes a point where it’s just not feasible anymore.

As humans, we have this innate desire to be good at absolutely everything. But when we accept that someone else can step in and do certain tasks, dare we say it, ‘better’ or more efficiently than us, loosening the reins can actually be a huge relief.

But before you go steaming ahead into hiring the first virtual assistant you come across, there’s a few things to think about first.

Here’s our top 3 ways to find the right virtual assistant for your business:

Research, research, research

It goes without saying that you should do a little homework before taking on your right-hand person. How easy is their enquiry process? How helpful are they during initial conversations? Do they ask the right questions? Do they genuinely seem interested in you and your business, or are you just Do they come across in a way that you’d want them to come across to your own clients?

Make sure they also know/have the ability to learn the software that you use. Bear in mind, it might be that your VA has a better solution to your current systems and processes so stay open and see if it feels like a good fit. And finally, testimonials! Check out their reviews to see if they’re someone you’d like to work with.

Decide what tasks you want to outsource.

Does admin work eat up the majority of your time? Does the financial side of your business fill you with dread? Do you need someone to take over your social media and marketing? Or do you need a combination of all of the above? Making a list of the tasks you want to outsource means you can hire someone who has the knowledge and experience you need for each task.

If you’ve got multiple tasks from different areas of your business you want to hand over, it can be a great idea to look to a virtual assistant agency who can match you up with more than one virtual assistant, each who specialises in the areas you need help with – or you might just find a unicorn!

Compatibility is key.

All of this is all well and good but if you don’t ‘get on’ with your virtual assistant, it’s going to be tricky to grow your business. Now this doesn’t mean you have to be the best of friends but think about whether your working styles match up. Are you communicating in a similar way? Do your personalities complement each other or do they clash? Do you feel like they understand you and your business? Are they someone who will be able to make your working life easier?

Obviously some of these things are difficult to know at the outset so it can be a good idea to make sure there’s a bit of a probationary/trial period on both sides at the beginning of the working relationship so you can see if you’re a good fit.

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